Véronique De Rudder

Véronique De Rudder was researcher at the CNRS but she prematurely died in October 2014. The Urmis paid tribute to her outstanding contribution to the research by an international conference held in June 2015 in Paris.

She was Scientific and Administrative Manager and Director of Publication of REMISIS (Information network on international migration and interethnic relationships), resource centre and bibliographical database (see: http://www.remisis.org).

She was responsible for the course “The vocabulary of migration and interethnic relationships” in the Masters of Sociology and Anthropology: Politics, Culture and Migration, at the Paris Diderot and Paris 8 Universities.

She was a member of the executive committee for the journal L’Homme et la Société, the editorial committee of Vocabulaire Historique et Critique des Relations Interethniques, and the editorial board of the journal Migrants-Formation.

Research fields

Research conducted since the 1980s has focused on the following main themes:

 The housing and living conditions of immigrants: A study of national and local housing policies for immigrants and analysis of their living conditions in comparison to those of natives. City and immigration, urbanity and ethnicity.

 Insertion strategies for immigrants and the attitudes of natives: Quantitative and qualitative research on immigrant integration strategies in France and typological analysis according to the guidance on managing them. Research on the behaviours, representations, attitudes and opinion of the French people with regards immigrants.

 Interethnic connections and relationships. Racism:

  • Theoretical and empirical works on interethnic relationships and racism, particularly on relationships between “natives” and immigrants or descendants of immigrants.
  • The situations of spatial and residential coexistence: analysis of the material and symbolic issues of multiethnic cohabitation.
  • Segregative and discriminatory practices and their consequences on coexistence and working relationships on the one hand, and the victims on the other.

Current research

 Participation in the European program “Racial and ethnic minorities, immigration and the role of trade unions in combating discrimination and xenophobia, in encouraging participation and in securing social inclusion and citizenship” (RITU) -> research reports can be viewed online at: http://www.unice.fr/urmis/spip.php ?article112

 The sociology of racism (work in progress for La Découverte).

Main publications

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