Nicolas Puig

Nicolas Puig is a Researcher in anthropology at IRD

Research themes: Arab urbanity, culture and social order in Arab towns, musical forms, marginality and modernity in Egypt and Lebanon, anthropology of Palestinian communities in Lebanon

Issues: Identity, social and cultural dynamics in Arab countries against the background of analysis of normalization, differentiation and urban segregation processes; musical and cultural practices, particularly in their social and political dimensions; urban cultures and collective definitions of deviance and morality

Management, in collaboration with Kamel Dorai, of Marginal urbanity, migrants, refugees and outcasts in Near-Eastern cities programme (IRD, CNRS, IFPO). 2006-2008

Member of two research teams: Globalization, music and dance: circulation, transformations, power and ASILES: The bodies of victims, study space – Refugees, disaster victims and illegal workers, from experience to testimony

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Autrepart (IRD, Presses de Sciences-Po)

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