Marie-José Jolivet

Marie-José Jolivet is a Research Director Emeritus at IRD.

In the 1980s, after being posted in French Guiana, then Martinique, Marie-José Jolivet initiated the study of identity-related issues at ORSTOM (now IRD). This led her to take on responsibility for various IRD teams and, until autumn 2008, she directed URCIM (Research Unit on “Identity construction and globalization”). She is still in charge of a team in the ANR programme on migrations in the Caribbean and the Guianas
Identity-related issues are also at the core of her academic activity, with the co-organization, for over twenty years, of a comparative seminar on the basis of Caribbean and Black Americas (EHESS)

Areas of specialization:

 memory, history and construction of identity in post-slavery societies;

 anthropology of creolization in the Antilles and French Guiana;

 anthropological approach to a cross-border area: Maroon societies on the Maroni River between French Guiana and Suriname

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