Female Genital Mutilation and its ‘Imported’ Reconstructive Surgery: Medical Practices Confronting Discourses Regarding Nation Identity Building and Gender Issues

An article from Sarah Boisson's PhD dissertation, to be read in the Migrations et Altérités Research Blog, original article published in Greece in NEW RESEARCH journal, #2, May 2023.


Abstract: This article focuses on the implementation of a medical practice in Egypt, namely clitoral reconstruction surgery for women who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM). Initially developed in the 1990s in France, the surgery has been over the past twenty years gradually ‘imported’ from European countries to some African countries. Egypt is an indicative case, since more than 80% of the female population is estimated to have undergone FGM. I explore from a sociological point of view the resistance and difficulties that accompany the ‘importation’ of this technique in Egypt and the relative discourses on national and sub-national cultural identity, especially when regarding gender issues.