Valérie Erlich

Valérie Erlich is a Doctor in Sociology and Senior Lecturer at the Sociology Department at Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. She is a member of the scientific committee for the National Observatory of Student Life: (Paris) presided over by Olivier Galland since January 2007. She has been a member of the Scientific Department of the Observatory of Student Life of Nice-Sophia Antipolis University since 1999 (Director from April 2003 to April 2007).

Research fields

 Regeneration of the student world. Development trends in student behaviours, values and identities

 Student migratory flows and student mobility

 Learning in higher education

 The socialisation of students: an analysis of studying and living conditions

Current research

 Research program: “Foreign students in the Maghreb and in the Euro-Mediterranean area: towards what globalisation of higher education and what skill circulation?” Program for the Research Institute of Contemporary Maghreb (IRMC- CNRS) selected as part of the tender for the Priority Solidarity Fund (PSF), coordinated by Sylvie Mazzella (Research Manager at the CNRS/IRMC)(2006-2008). It brings together researchers, sociologists, economists and geographers and nine research laboratories are involved in it, five of which are based in the Maghreb and four in France including URMIS-SOLIIS-CNRS (Nice). For more information…

 Works in progress on students and higher education (Observatory of Student Life)

Main publications

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