School education, nation and otherness Comparative approaches to school systems in the South

International Symposium, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société Sud-Est (MSHS Sud Est), Nice (France), Thursday 13th February

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This international conference will explore how the school contributes, along with other spaces and institutions, to building a national ‘imagined community’ in the so-called ‘South’. It will examine how school discourses and practices combine, in various ways and to different extents, an objective of cultural homogenization of the nation and the promotion of diversity and of ethno-cultural minorities. It will shed light on inclusion and exclusion processes that underpin school socialization to the nation, and will explore the norms imposed by the state (central and local), as well as the resistances, mobilizations and conflicts they trigger, particularly among school actors (teachers, families, students).

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