Sabrina Melenotte

Anthropologist, Research Fellow IRD.

Unité de recherches Migrations et Sociétés (URMIS, UMR IRD 205).

Fields of research

Political Anthropology, Anthropology of disappearance and death, Anthropology of the State, Violence and Exiting Violence, Body, Mexico.

Current research on the missing persons and the government of the dead in Mexico.

Areas of research

  • The new protocols of death (law, institutions, expertise)
  • Family reconfigurations and new post-disappearance communities (gender, ethnicity, migration)
  • Justice(s) “beyond the State” (international justice, material reparations, grave searches, divine justice)
  • Arts and memories

Collective research:

  • Responsible for Task 3 “Perpetrating Violence”, ANR SoV – Exiting violence (2017-2021):
  • Head of the research group “Disappearance, death, violence” at the URMIS (with Nicolas Puig)
  • Member of the GT1 LMI-Meso “Mobilités et reconfigurations de la citoyenneté”

Editorial responsibility:

  • Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Condition humaine / Conditions politiques. Revue internationale d’anthropologie politique :
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Violence. An International Journal (FMSH/Sage):

Doctoral research on the armed conflict in the Chiapas Highlands region, Mexico. EHESS, Paris.

Title: Caciquismes, résistances, violences. Les Pedranos et l’Etat mexicain dans le Chiapas postrévolutionnaire.

Supervisor: Marc Abélès. Defended on November 2014.Mention: Very honorable with congratulations from the jury.

Jury: Marc Abélès (supervisor), Jean-Louis Briquet (main examiner), Olivier Compagnon (main examiner), David Recondo, Michel Naepels (session chair).

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