Riadh Ben Khalifa

Riadh BEN KHALIFA, PhD in History, is a Professor Assistant at the University of Tunis since 2010. He is a member of the Laboratory of History on Mediterranean Economies and Societies (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Tunis) and Associate Researcher at URMIS-Nice. His book titled “Delinquency in times of Crisis: The Exceptional Ordinary“ before the Corrective Justice at the Alpes-Maritimes Region (1938-1944)” was published in 2015 by Honoré Champion. His primary areas of interest is history of justice in France during World War II and the Liberation. In his researches, he also focuses on migration in the Mediterranean region and on decolonization in Tunisia.
Riadh BEN KHALIFA coordinated numerous scientific meetings on the history of justice and mobility in the Mediterranean.

List of recent articles published in peer-reviewed journals and in collective works (since 2011):

  ” The Acquisition of Colonial Agricultural Lands by the Tunisian State (1957-1964) “, under the direction of Jean Paul Pellegrinetti (dir.), The Mediterranean Passion- A Collection of Contemporary History offered to Ralph Schor, Paris, Garnier Classics, 2016 pp. 141-158.

  ” The Harga in the Prism of the Tunisian Press (January 2011-May 2013) “, under the direction of Anne BROGINI and Maria GHAZALI (dir.), The Mediterranean in the Prism of Shores. Threats, Protection, and Reformatting in the Western Mediterranean (XVI-XXI centuries), Paris, BOUCHENE Editions, 2015, pp. 139-156.

  ” The Irregular Immigration in Tunisia after January 14, 2011 and the Missing Persons Problem: Public Authorities and Civil Society “, Hommes & migrations, No. 1303, July-September 2013, pp. 182-189.

  With Abdesslem BEN HAMIDA: ” International Seminar Synthesis Report on: Migration in Tunisia after January 14, 2011 “, Migrations & Société, vol 24, No. 143, September-October 2012, pp. 195-216.

  ” Irregular immigration of the Yugoslavs in the Alpes-Maritimes Region: 1960-1970 “, Migrations & Société,, Vol. 24, No. 140, March-April 2012, pp. 225-241. Symposium on: Lands and People of Borders. PACA, Monaco, Liguria and Piedmont held at Grimaldi, Nice and Menton 14,15 and 16 December 2011.

  ” Manufacturing Clandestines in France 1938-1940 “, Migrations & Société, Vol. 24, No. 139, January-February 2012, pp. 11-26.

 ” On the Tightrope between Resistance and Collaboration. A Hungarian Jew in Occupied France “, Jewish Archives, No. 44/2, 2011, pp. 102-120.