2. Program 3.2. Anthropology of extreme exile

Researcher : M. Hovanessian

This program aims to apprehend the resistant subjectivities, or spaces of subjectivation, in which state sponsored violence has produced the erasure of “anthropological places”, to be understood as places invested with the power to “reflect on place”, where the everyday life of a group becomes entwined with lineage, filiations, transforming the geographic place into a territory of ritualized, symbolized life. An anthropology of extreme exile inevitably combines an anthropology of modern violence and of national collective imaginings, a notion that invites us to return to the concept of diaspora which elaborates spaces of active fiction. This research involves grasping the content of an anthropology of exile that makes reference to experiences of de-symbolization and that must lead us to deepen the notion of symbolic field, and to distinguish symbols.

These questions will be addressed through the following studies :

 ” Communties born from political denial “ (Armenian exile, Jewish exile, Romani “nation”)

 Work on disappearance in the Argentine context