Philippe Poutignat

Poutignat.jpgPhilippe Poutignat was a Research Engineer at the CNRS.

He passed away in February 2019.
Research fields

Philippe Poutignat has studied communication situations in a multi-lingual context and taken part in several research projects on the varieties of French spoken in sub-Saharan Africa.

More recently, he has concentrated his works on the issue of ethnicity.
They currently focus on analysing the moments and contexts of the phenomena of ethnicity and, as a condition of the conceptualisation and identification, on analysing the normal uses of categories to which people belong.

Current research

Participation in the European program “Racial and ethnic minorities, immigration and the role of trade unions in combating discrimination and xenophobia, in encouraging participation and in securing social inclusion and citizenship” (RITU)

New urban territories and identity reconstruction in Mauritania

Main publications

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