Name Position Affiliation
Aaaaa Test CVtest with iframe CVHALNice
Aaaab Test local avec publis HALCNRS Research FellowParis
Andrès HervéSocial sciences engineer at the CNRS, responsible for scientific communication Nice
Andrieu SarahAnthropologist, Lecturer, Université Côte d'AzurNice
Apard ElodieResearch Fellow at IRDParis
Argyriadis KaliAnthropologist, research fellow at the IRDParis
Ballarin Marie-PierreDirector of Research at IRD. Historian.Nice
Barrat IsabelleAdministrative manager for the Université Paris CitéParis
Bergamaschi AlessandroAssistant professor at Université Côte d'AzurNice
Blaya CatherineProfessor in Education sciences, Université Côte d'AzurNice
Bonacci GiuliaHistorian, research fellow at IRDNice
Boyer FlorenceGeographer, research fellow at IRDParis
Bozec GéraldineAssociate professor in sociology, INSPE and Department of Sociology of the Côte d'Azur UniversityNice
Calandra MaëlleAnthropologist, research fellow at the IRDParis
Chavriacouty AlyssiaAdministrative Officer IRDParis
Cognet MargueriteAssociate professor in sociology, Université Paris CitéParis
Cunin ElisabethResearch Director at IRDNice
Dahhan RyzleneResearch Ingineer, contract with CAF-AM / UCANice
Denieuil Pierre-NoëlSenior Researcher, Director of Research at the CNRSNice
Di Cecco SimoneTemporary Lecturer and ResearcherParis
Dibie PascalFormer professor of ethnologyParis
Dos Santos IreneResearch Fellow CNRSParis
Eberhard MireilleAssociate ProfessorParis
Erlich ValérieSenior Lecturer at the Sociology DepartmentNice
Filhol RomainPostdoc Researcher Idex UCANice
Fournier AlbanProject Support OfficerNice
Frigoli GillesAssociate Professor UCANice
Gasquet (de) BéatriceSociologist, Senior Lecturer, Université Paris CitéParis
Gastaut YvanSenior Lecturer UCANice
Gay Jean-ChristopheUniversity Professor UCANice
Gordien AryResearcher CNRSParis
Hamel ChristelleChargée de recherches INEDParis
Hanafi RaniaAssociate Professor UCANice
Hoffmann OdileResearch Fellow IRDParis
Jabin DavidTemporary Teaching and Research FellowParis
Jolivet Marie-JoséResearch Fellow IRDParis
Korol LiliiaResearch Fellow IDEX UCA JEDINice
Laëthier MaudResearch Fellow IRDParis
Lastapis Gramazio ToniaAdministrative officer CNRSParis
Lesclingand MarieProfessor at the University Côte d'AzurNice
Lestage FrançoiseProfessor Paris DiderotParis
Lucy MariePostdoctoral Research Fellow ANR AffirmatifNice
Mallet JulienResearch Fellow IRDParis
Mangane AbdourahmaneResearch Ingineer at IRDNice
Médard ClaireResearch Fellow IRDParis
Melenotte SabrinaResearch Fellow IRDParis
Morice AlainEmeritus Director of Research CNRSParis
Odasso LauraTemporary LecturerParis
Ouadah-Bedidi ZahiaAssociate Professor Univ. ParisParis
Pietri ValérieAssociate Professor UCANice
Poiret ChristianAssociate Professor Univ. ParisParis
Potot SwanieDirector of Researches CNRSNice
Primon Jean-LucAssociate Professor UCANice
Puig NicolasDirector of Researches IRDParis
Quiminal CatherineFormer Professor Univ. ParisParis
Rabaud AudeAssociate Professor Univ. ParisParis
Rinaudo ChristianProfessor UCANice
Robin Azevedo ValérieProfessor Univ. ParisParis
Salaün MarieProfessor Univ. ParisParis
Saurent ValérieManager Université Côte d’AzurNice
Schlemmer GrégoireDirector of Researches IRDParis
Schuft LauraAssociate Professor UCANice
Selek PinarAssociate Professor UCANice
Souchaud SylvainDirector of Researches IRDParis
Streiff-Fénart JocelyneDirector of Researches CNRSNice
Tadié JérômeDirector of Researches IRDParis
Timera MahametProfessor Univ. ParisParis
Tripier MaryseFormer Professor Univ. ParisParis
Vidal DenisDirector of Researches IRDParis
Vidal DominiqueProfessor Univ. ParisParis
Wagner IzabelaProfessor in Sociology, Université Paris CitéParis