Master’s specialization in Migration Studies (Nice)

The Master’s specialization in Migration Studies (MMS) is a new international, interdisciplinary specialization provided by Université Côte d’Azur within 3 Master’s programs: international and European law, social sciences and political science. Located in Nice and drawing on the expertise of specialized researchers and professionals, it provides students with in-depth knowledge and specific skills in the field of migration and ethnic relations. It will therefore provide excellent preparation for further academic study or careers in international organizations, NGOs, local and national administration, or the media.

MMS is the first Master’s specialization in Migration Studies in France to be taught in English (all the courses are in English in M2). It is also one of the rare courses in Europe that addresses migration and ethnic issues from both a disciplinary an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing extensively on law, social sciences and political studies.

MMS draws on a large network of partnerships for research and internship placements, which facilitates students’ fieldwork and integration into the professional sphere.

MMS has a strong international dimension. In addition to studying with others students and professors from all over the world, students will have the opportunity to complete periods of study or internships in Europe or Africa thanks to the international partnerships of the Migration studies specialization.

 Duration: 1 year (Master 2, 60 ECTS) or 2 years (Master 1 and Master 2, 120 ECTS).

 Start Date: 2018-2019 (M1), 2019-2020 (M2)

 Language of instruction: French and English (M1); English (M2).

Degrees: At the end of the study program (Master 2), students will graduate with a Master’s Degree from Université Côte d’Azur either in international and European law, social sciences or political science (according to the student’s choice of degree).

Depending upon the agreements signed by Université Côte d’Azur with international partners and the courses students follow abroad, they can also obtain a degree from a partner University in Europe or Africa.

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