Jean-Luc Primon

Jean-Luc Primon is a Doctor in Sociology and Senior Lecturer at the Sociology-Ethnology Department at Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

He is a member of the National Observatory of Student Life (OVE) and participates in the work of the CEREQ (Research and Study Centre on Qualifications) working group on higher education.

He is a member of the Association of Sociologists of Professors of Higher Education (ASES).

Research fields

His research focuses on the analysis of schooling in higher education, the education-employment transition, the development of professional training and inequalities on entering working life.

He is currently working for the FAS on a research project about discrimination in accessing employment for higher education graduates from immigrant backgrounds and works with the “socio-cultural differences” group of the CEREQ as part of the running of the new survey Generation.

He is also conducting research with an INRP team on new students.

Main publications

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