International Conference “Cuba & Africa” – Engagements, Circulations and Racial Representations in the 20th Century

Provisional Programme23- 24 May 2016
The Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA)
University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

Provisional Programme

Monday 23 May

 09.30- 10.00 Welcome

 10.00- 11.00 Introduction and Notes

  • Adrien DELMAS (IFAS), Giulia BONACCI (IRD, URMIS), Shamil JEPPIE (HUMA, University of Cape Town) and Jean Albergel (IRD)

 11.00- 12.00 Panel 1: Contours of a Cuban Pan-Africanism I

  • José Luis MARTàN ROMERO (Universidad de La Habana) : Cuban Health Collaboration in Africa. The experience of Health National School of Cuba and the Impact of Solidarity in the Formation of its Staff Culture of Work
  • Agustà­n LAÓ MONTES (University of Massachusetts) : Diverse Discourses and Politics of Pan-Africanism: Comparing Cuba, Brazil, and Venezuela

 12.00- 13.30 Lunch

 13.30- 15.00 Panel 2: Imagining and Experiencing Africa I

  • Karo MORET MIRANDA (Universidad Pompeu Fabra) : Ecué Yamba Ó, hermeneutical Juego by Alejo Carpentier
  • Marzia MILAZZO (Rhodes University, Vanderbilt University) : Disappearing Blackness: Transculturation and Fernando Ortiz’s Por la integración cubana de blancos y negros (For a Cuban Integration of Whites and Blacks)
  • Kali ARGYRIADIS (IRD, URMIS) : Cubanos en Nigeria, nigerianos en Cuba: los actores polà­ticos, cientà­ficos y religiosos de la construcción de una filiación

 15.00- 15.15 Coffee break

 15.15- 16.45 Panel 3: Imagining and Experiencing Africa II

  • Joà£o Felipe GONà‡ALVES (Universidade de Sà£o Paulo) : Across the Straits and the Ocean: Cuban-American Connections with Africa
  • Emma GOBIN (Université Paris VIII) : Between a Renewed Cuban Africanism and a Nigerian Panafricanism: Reflections on Contemporary Religious Collaborations
  • Nahayeilli B. JUàREZ HUET (CIESAS) : From ‘Negro Brujo’ to Cultural Patrimony: Transnational Circulation of the ‘Orisha Tradition’ between Nigeria and Cuba

 16.45- 17.45 Itinerary

  • Pablo RODRàGUEZ RUIZ (Instituto Cubano de Antropologà­a) : Hacer antropologà­a en un contexto de conflicto armado. La experiencia de la investigación multidisciplinaria acerca de la cuestión nacional en Angola

Tuesday 24 May

 09.00- 10.30 Panel 4: Contours of a Cuban Pan-Africanism II

  • Emmanuel ALCARAZ (Université Paris X) : Las relaciones entre Algiers y Cuba desde 1962 hasta 1965 a los origenes de la politica cubana en Africa
  • Bernardo J.C. ANDRE & Héloise KIRIAKOU (Paris IV Sorbonne, Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, IMAF) : “The Cuban Internationalism” to serve the “Brothers” parties

Cuba against Apartheid

 10.30- 10.45 Coffee break

 10.45- 12.15 Panel 5: Contours of a Cuban Pan-Africanism III

  • Michel LUNTUMBUE (GRIP) : The Congo: First Crossroads of Cuban Influence in Africa?
  • Delmas TSAFACK (University of Dschang) : The Cuban Presence in Equatorial Guinea from 1969 to Today: Motivations and Legacies
  • Yonas ASHINE (Makerere University, Addis Ababa University) : Friendship Square and Cuba Camp in Addis Ababa. Narrating the Ethio-Cuba Relations in the Age of Two Successive Developmentalisms in Ethiopia

 12.15- 13.45 Lunch

 13.45- 14.45 Panel 6: Afro-Cuban Rhythms and Exchanges

  • Charlotte GRABLI (EHESS) : Atlantic Dialogues: Sound Correspondences and the Congolese Recreation of Afro-Cuban Music
  • Elina DJEBBARI (King’s College) : Cold War and Cultural Policies: Musical Exchanges between Cuba and West Africa, 1960s-1970s

 14.45- 15.00 Coffee break

 15.00- 16.30 Concluding Remarks and Open Debate


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