Gilles Ivaldi

img_1817_carre_small-2.jpgGilles Ivaldi is a CNRS Researcher, section 40 “Sociology- Political Sciences- Law” for the Human and Social Sciences Department (SHS).

Current research

Gilles Ivaldi is a researcher in political science with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France, currently at URMIS-University of Nice. His main fields of research include French politics, elections, party system change and the study of radical right parties in France and Europe. As part of several comparative projects, his current research explores the strategic and ideological transformation of the French populist radical right and its impact on the domestic party system, as well as the development of new left-wing populist parties in Western Europe. His research interests include also Euroscepticism and the politics of globalization, as core features of the populist right and the populist left.

His previous research has examined immigration as a social and political issue, in particular in the programmatic supply and discourse of the pan-European populist radical right. Part of his research has also focused on electoral forecasting, with a specific application to the case of the French FN and other populist radical right parties.

Gilles Ivaldi is the author of Droites Populistes et Extrêmes en Europe occidentale (Paris: La Documentation française, 2004) and The 2012 French Presidential Elections. The Inevitable Alternation, Palgrave MacMillan, with Jocelyn Evans. His previous research has appeared in journals such as Electoral Studies, the International Journal of Forecasting, Revue Européenne des Sciences Sociales, French Politics, Revue Française de Science Politique or Political Research Quarterly.


 Immigration policies in Europe, Master 2 “Migrations, cities, social dynamics”, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University

 Populist parties in Western Europe, Master 2 “Migrations, cities, social dynamics”, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University

 Electoral sociology, Master 2 “Governance, public careers and political jobs”, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University (2007-2009)

 Applied statistics, Mediterranean Middle East first and second year, Sciences-Po Paris (2005-2010)

 Introduction to the study of political institutions, Mediterranean Middle East first and second year, Sciences-Po Paris (2006-2009)

Recent publications

The 2012 French Presidential ElectionsThe 2012 French Presidential Elections, Palgrave MacMillan, French Politics, Society and Culture Series.

with Lanzone (Maria Elisabetta ), 2015, “From Jean-Marie to Marine Le Pen: organizational change and adaptation in the French Front National” in Reinhard Heinisch and Oscar Mazzoleni (eds) Understanding populist party organization: a comparative analysis, Palgrave, forthcoming

2015, “Towards the median economic crisis voter? The new leftist economic agenda of the Front National in France”, French Politics, Special Issue, forthcoming

2015, “A new course for the French radical-right? The Front National and de-demonization” in Tjitske Akkerman, Sarah de Lange and Matthijs Rooduijn (eds) Up to the mainstream? Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in the New Millennium, Routledge, forthcoming

2015, “The Front National and the politics of Euroscepticism in France”, in Birte Wassenberg and Patrick Moreau (eds.), The 2014 European Elections: the rise of anti-Europeanism? Franz Steiner Verlag, forthcoming

with Gombin (Joël), 2015, “The Front National and the new politics of the rural in France” chapter on the agrarian roots of the FN, in Gerrit Voerman (ed.), Agrarian Parties in Europe Wageningen Academic Publishers, forthcoming

2015, ” Du néolibéralisme au social-populisme ? La transformation du programme économique du Front national (1986-2012) “ in Sylvain Crépon, Alexandre Dézé, Nonna Mayer, Le Front National: un parti en Transition, Presses de Sciences Po, à  paraitre

2015, ” L’Europe face aux droites radicales populistes : positions partisanes et demandes électorales “, Working Paper, 5 juin (

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with Evans (Jocelyn) 2013, The 2012 French presidential elections, Palgrave MacMillan, French Politics, Society and Culture Series

2013, ” Vers un nouveau chauvinisme du welfare ? La transformation du programme économique du Front national (1984-2012) “, papier présenté à  la Section Thématique 27 ” Le ‘nouveau’ Front national en question “, Congrès de l’AFSP, Paris, 9-11 juillet

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2011, “Evaluating the populist challenge: partisanship and the making of immigration policy in France (1974-2011)”, Paper prepared for the Mini-symposium on ‘New right populist parties and their impact on European parties and party systems’, Council for European Studies (CES) conference, Barcelona, June 21-23

2010, ‘Down South, up North: party strategy and performances of the Extreme Right in municipal office in France’, paper delivered to the Workshop on ‘Populists and Public Office’, ECPR Joint Sessions, University of Mà¼nster, 22-27 March

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2008, ‘Inequality, Identity and the People: New Patterns of Right-Wing Competition and Sarkozy’s ‘Winning Formula’ in the 2007 French Presidential Election’, Paper delivered to the panel ‘Old Concepts, New Puzzles: Competing with the radical right in Europe’, American Political Science Association Annual Conference, Categories and the Politics of Global Inequalities, Boston, Massachusetts, 28-31 August

with Evans (Jocelyn) 2008, ‘Forecasting the Extreme Right Vote in France (1984-2007)’, French Politics, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp.137-151.

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2004, Droites populistes et extrêmes en Europe occidentale, La Documentation française, Collection ” Les Etudes “. Présentation de l’ouvrage

2003, ” The Front National split: party system change and electoral prospects “, in Evans (Jocelyn A.J.) (dir.), The French Party System: Continuity and Change, Manchester University Press

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