Claire Médard

Claire Médard is an IRD Researcher.

Areas of Research:

– Boundaries, State and Violence: the Making of Territory and Strangers within their own country (Kenya, Uganda)

C. Médard’s previous researches in East Africa have led her to study State territory both as an ideological projection and a territorial framework of control. Conflicts in Kenya and Uganda have highlighted the emergence of internal boundaries, demarcating exclusive ethnic territories, both inherited from colonial administration and reinvented in recent administrative creations (ethnic districts) and in indigenous land claims. Boundaries are ordinarily associated with the idea of exclusion, omitting under-lying dialectical processes of inclusion and exclusion. The State itself initiated a process of territorial segregation between people. The issue of the nation-state is to be examined within this context. In an effort to capture the articulation between State territory and land claims, based on identity assertions, renewed attention was given to neo-patrimonial practices and to the issue of land administration in a comparative perspective (Kenya, Uganda), in order to ascertain their contribution to the creation of inequalities and emergence of violence.

– Negotiating Access to Land : The Changing East African Heritage (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)

Within the scope of a proposed programme carried out in partnership with the Centre for Population and Applied Statistics (CPAS, University of Makerere, Kampala) and the ‘Centre Population et Développement’ (CEPED UMR 196 University Paris Descartes- IRD – INED) from February 2011, C. Médard is focusing on the negotiated access to land in Uganda within local, national and global strategies and circulations, drawing on comparisons with other East-African countries. In Kenya and in Uganda, identity and territorial strategies to claim ancestral land are deeply rooted. The recent crisis in Kenya (during the post electoral violence in 2008) has revealed to what extent this kind of strategy is widespread in the country. In the Tanzanian case, contrasting with the Kenyan and Ugandan cases, the language of ethnicity is not as instrumental at the level of national politics. Nevertheless, in all three cases, the State’s prerogatives to define and redefine access to resources are well established. Analysing the plurality of strategies at different scales, C. Médard will explore the implementation of national and international policies, regulating access to land and associated resources as well as their uses. Land-tenure and territorial changes are studied from the angle of circulation, internal mobility and the efforts to control mobility. Several case studies will be explored.

Publications 2013

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