The Globalization of Gender

The Globalization of Gender : Knowledge, Mobilizations, Frameworks of Action

Edited by: Ioana Cîrstocea, Delphine Lacombe, Elisabeth Marteu, London: Routledge, 2019.
This book provides an insightful approach to understanding the contemporary circulations of feminist repertoires and shows how the international/transnational circulations of gender are interconnected, even coextensive, with the globalization process itself. […]


British Honduras: The invention of a colonial territory. Mapping and spatial knowledge in the 19th century

By Odile Hoffmann  A coedition of IRD (France) and Cubola Productions (Belize)  Size: 8.5x 11  Number of pages: 80  25 Colour plates  ISBN: 978-976-8161-40-6  Publication date: July 2014 The purpose of this monograph is not to retrace the genesis of a nation, but more modestly, to recount the invention of a colonial territory. No territory exists on its own; only social, political, symbolic and emotional constructions grant it substance and […]