Call for papers: Slavery in Africa: Past, legacies and Present

Deadline for submitting papers: 15 March 2014.

Call for papers:

In Africa, the effects of slavery and slave trade are still alive and we cannot doubt their historical importance and their weight in the relationships between the various components of African societies in general, and in particular, the process of building nation-states. Legacies of slavery are numerous, diverse, sometimes painful and extremely sensitive.

Important efforts have been made in African research, primarily in the study of the Atlantic slave trade, but also to some degree of the Indian Ocean islands shaped by plantation labour. However, while the voices of memory rise in countries such as Senegal and Benin, they just emerge in East Africa today.

The question of slavery in history, its legacies and its present in African societies are at the heart of this conference which will contribute to enter the domain of recent public debate.