British Honduras: The invention of a colonial territory. Mapping and spatial knowledge in the 19th century

By Odile Hoffmann

 A coedition of IRD (France) and Cubola Productions (Belize)

 Size: 8.5x 11

 Number of pages: 80

 25 Colour plates

 ISBN: 978-976-8161-40-6

 Publication date: July 2014

The purpose of this monograph is not to retrace the genesis of a
nation, but more modestly, to recount the invention of a colonial
territory. No territory exists on its own; only social, political, symbolic
and emotional constructions grant it substance and reality. Through
descriptions, narratives and maps, this monograph brings the territory
into existence and displays the articulation between the collective
imaginaries, the subjectivities, and the spatial practices of the social
and political actors-political authorities, residents, cartographers-
who interacted in the territorial construction of Belize.