Magali Nayrac

PhD in sociology at Nice Sophia Antipolis University, URMIS laboratory.

PhD defended on 12 December 2011.

Sociology of interethnic relationships, immigration and the media

PhD: Producing identities and constructing community borders: a comparative study of Portuguese speaking radio broadcasts in France

Supervisor: Jocelyne Streiff-Fénart.

Enrolment in the URMIS four-year project: Focus area 3: Processes for social construction and the production of collective identities, Program G: Identities of cities, identities in the cities.


In a qualitative and micro-sociological approach to media productions by migrants, the research applies to the comparative study of different radio broadcasts offered in France by some Portuguese speakers intended for their presupposed “communities” (Portuguese, Brazilians, Cap Verdeans, Angolans, or French showing an interest in Portuguese speaking cultures). In fact, the study of community radio broadcasts and those involved in them makes it possible to make out the mechanisms and variable processes of identity construction. These are influenced by the individual situation of the radio presenters (migratory journey), as well as by the positions of Portuguese speaking groups present and their relationship with the host society (intergroup dynamics). Once more confirming the situational and relational nature of identities, this case study attempts to explain in practical terms how symbolic resources (here speech and music) are used to define the boundaries of belonging to a group. So, the objective of the study is to reveal the plurality of existing identity and community logic as well as the justification and self representations that they convey. Finally, the research makes it possible to understand how the broadcasts, places of expression, sociability and recognition, allow a virtual link to be created and updated between “here” and “over there”, to reconcile the feeling of belonging to an identity and a presence in the French public arena.

Keywords: media and migration, identity and/or community construction, symbolic resources of belonging, popular cultures, Portuguese speaking groups in France, local association radiotelephony.

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