Marjolaine Paris


Associate Researcher to URMIS Paris

Economic sociology of international business networks, sociology of work and of organizations in France and in Nigeria

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Professional Background

Serious, lively and adaptable professional with a background in research activities and expertise in French and international business relationships. Experience in project management in Companies, NGO, international organizations and research institutions. Used to work on risky fields (Nigeria, Latin America). Well developed communication and inter-personal skills.

 September, 2011-September 2012: Assistant lecturer at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

 September 2010-September 2011 and from September 2012: Consulting in sociology of work and organizations (psychosocial risks), Technologia

Recent Teaching Experience

 Courses taught at the university of Nice :
1) Social organisation
2) Statistics
3) Computing applied to statistics
4) “Reading sociology”

 2008-2009 : Seminar Manager at National High School of Telecommunications (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, ENST), the main French School for telecommunication engineers, Paris, France.
Seminar on “ICTs for Development in Subsaharan Africa”.

Research activities

Research Areas

 Sociology of work and of organizations, psychosocial risks, professional relationships, subcontracting.

 Interactions between political and commercial field in France and in Africa: Networks, elite migrations, corruption, State and non-state actors in the Franco-African relationships.

 International trade in Nigeria: legal background, informal norms and regulations

 Economic international elites, executive’s circulation.

 interethnic and intercultural relationships.

 Subsaharan Africa (Nigeria).

Some publications


 January 2013 : Le business franco-nigérian, à  l’heure de l’Afrique émergente. Paris : Karthala, 370 p. (in French)

 November 2010: Collectifs interethniques au travail. Gestion et fonctionnement d’équipes multiculturelles dans le secteur des télécommunications. Sarrebruck: Editions Universitaires Européennes, 126 pp. (in French)

Chapters and articles

 August 2016: “Travelling through the class ceiling? Social mobility of ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ expatriates”, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, vol. 16; n 2, pp. 171-189. With François Goxe

 December 2014: “Consequences of hardship posts upon corporate and social hierarchies Social mobility of First and Third World expatriates in Nigeria”, International Management, vol. 18, special issuel, pp.106-122. With François Goxe (In French)

 May 2012: Urban Security Stakes in Nigeria: The case of Lagos and Abuja.” Sécurité et Stratégie n  8 (In French)

 September 2009: “A field inquiry with Immigrant Economic Elite in France and in Nigeria: How to Manage Ethnic, Class and Status Boundaries”, in Aggoun, Atmane, Enquêter auprès des migrants : le chercheur et son terrain. Paris : l’Harmattan, pp. 31-64 (in French)

 May 2009: “Globalization and its new Boundaries: Citizenship and Identity among the Black economic Elite in France”, in Adebayo, Akanmu and Adesina, Olutayo, Globalization and Transnational Migrations: Africa and African in the Contemporary Global System. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 64-87 (in English)

Main Seminars and Conferences


 2010, September 23rd: Co-Organizer with Laura Schuft, Articulating scales: Micro-Social Relationships Within Globalized Systems, URMIS PhD candidates’ conference


 8-9 july 2013 : ” First and Third World expatriates’ Social Mobility in Nigeria – Consequences of hardship posts upon corporate and social hierarchies”, Conference ATLAS-AFMI, Montreal, Canada. With François Goxe (in French)

 June 2012 : “Hardship Posts to Break the Glass Ceiling? Social Mobility od First and Third World Expatriates in Nigeria.” Annual conference of the European Academy of Management (EURAM), Rotterdam, Netherlands. With François Goxe

 April 2012: “Figurations in transnational systems analysis. Two case studies.” Conference Norbert Elias and Figurational Sociology: Prospects for the Future. University ohCopenhaguen, Denmark. With Daniel Iglesias

 February 2011: “Between Legal and Illegal Business: Franco-Nigerian Trade Dynamics”, CLERSE conference Infractions and illegalisms of dominant classes, Lille University, France, February 11th (in French)

 November 2010: “ ‘Elites of Globalization’, mobility and international commercial systems. The French Companies and their Managers into the Franco-Nigerian Commercial Relationships”, Joint Conference DRM-IRESCO Economic Elites in France and in Europe. An Overview of the French Researches, Dauphine University, Paris, France, November 4-5th (in French)

 November 2009:”The Emergence of Franco-Nigerian Business Milieux- A sociological Approach”, two conferences for master and doctoral students and professors at the departments of sociology and history, university of Ibadan, November 10th and 12th (in English)

 October 2009: “Interpretations and Practical Expressions of Diversity in the International Corporate Environment”, 5th EURODIV conference Dynamics of Diversity in the Globalization Era. ENI Enrico Mattei foundation, Milano, Italy, 22-23 October (in English)

 September 2008: “Democratic Hesitations, Nigerian and Foreign Economic Actors in Nigeria”, international conference Think Republic, 50th Anniversary of the Center of African Studies (CEAN), Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux, France, 3-5 September (in french)

PhD in sociology

Doctoral grant of the French Ministry of Research from October 2006 to october 2009

PhD defence on July 1st, 2010
Doctorate delivered with highest honors

PhD Title – Franco-Nigerian Business Relationships: The Emergence of Social and Commercial International Configurations. Exchange, Uncertainty and Identity Stratégies

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