Catherine Quiminal


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Catherine Quiminal is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at the Social Sciences Research and Training Department, Paris Denis Diderot University, responsible for the masters in Sociology and Anthropology: Politics, Culture and Migration, Paris 7 Denis Diderot and Paris 8 Universities.

She is an associate researcher at the Centre for African Studies / EHESS.
She is a member of the editorial committee for the Journal des Anthropologues (the publication of the French Anthropologist Association) and the editorial committee for the journal Hommes et Migrations.

Research fields

  •  Migratory policies. Association networks and movements for migrants and African migrants, citizenship. Gender relations in migration.
  •  The identity processes and the migrants/country of origin relationship. The role of associations in the development of their country of origin.
  •  Participation in collective research: Local powers and State powers in the face of democracy and decentralisation in Mali. Inter-university agreement Bamako Institute of Human Sciences / EHESS Centre for African Studies).

Main publications

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