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Axis 2. Immigrants and minority groups as the focus of public action, institutional practices and public speech

Axis 2. Programme 3. Discourse, staging and conflicts involving otherness

The research conducted in the framework of this programme focuses on the public confrontation- in the daily life of individuals, in political discourse or movements, in social science research- of representations, discourse and practices which contribute to the decrease or reinforcement of boundaries between groups that see themselves or are designated as different. Beyond the diversity of its authors, rationales and procedures, the research in this programme attests to the […]

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Axis 1. Migrations and migrants in the contemporary era: patterns of mobility and the place of migrants in the globalised economy

Axis 1. Programme 3. Forms of employment and relations between national and ethnic groups

This programme brings together researchers whose work relates to the following theme. In western societies, the relations between migrations and labour have evolved, leading to the development of research that takes into consideration the diversification of employment forms and the status and the professional relations involving the migrant worker. The effects of these changes on certain categories of the national working population, in particular those with immigrant family heritage, are […]

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Axis 3. Collective identities: movements, construction, staging, narration

Axis 3. Programme 4. States, borders, territories, otherness

This programme deals with identity distribution through analysis of relations between modes of production of otherness, modes of political management and modes of State territorial production. These latter, through political and administrative injunctions, can organise the redistribution of identities that are conjointly statutory and territorial within one country or region (Mali). They can also refer to borders and border zones separating nation States (Guyana/ Surinam; Kenya/Uganda; Thailand/Laos), and to these […]