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Prune de Montvalon

Prune de Montvalon is a PhD Student at Urmis Paris under the supervision of Alain Morice.

Her research concerns foreign sex workers facing borders.


Based on an ethnographic survey within two NGOs and among foreign sex workers, this thesis analyzes how these sex workers cross geographical, administrative and social boundaries. These crossings are seized through the negotiations between them and those that allow them to move towards a status deemed stable and legitimate in France. In order to compare the stages of the various crossings, we consider here « smugglers » not only as those who facilitate the travel to France, but also those who help these sex workers to access the status of victim. The misuse of the word « smuggler » makes it possible to question on one hand the normative framework in which the migrations of these women are apprehended, in particular the partition between legal and illegal, and on the other hand, the nature of the borders they have to cross. If the contours of geographical crossings are clearly defined on a map, those implied by the administrative and social crossings are much less obvious. Studying the couple smuggler / smuggled allows us to understand the depth of this border. This depth can be measured not only by the extent of the efforts made to filter the crossings at the external and internal borders, but also by the possibility for foreigners to negotiate the conditions of these crossings.