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Axis 3. Programme 4. States, borders, territories, otherness

10 January 2009 andres 0

This programme deals with identity distribution through analysis of relations between modes of production of otherness, modes of political management and modes of State territorial production. These latter, through political and administrative injunctions, can organise the redistribution of identities that are conjointly statutory and territorial within one country or region (Mali). They can also refer to borders and border zones separating nation States (Guyana/ Surinam; Kenya/Uganda; Thailand/Laos), and to these [Lire la suite…]

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Laura Schuft

8 September 2007 Schuft Laura 0

Version française Schuft Laura Contact : Send an email PhD – Sociology Assistant professor – Faculty of Sports Sciences URMIS : Research Unit Migrations & Society (CNRS UMR 8245) Université Nice Sophia Antipolis CURRENT RESEARCH: BODY, HEALTH, DIFFERENCE My research works with several theoretical frameworks (social relations of power, sociology of health, sociology of the body), applying them to the (re)production of social difference- in terms of the body, gender, socioeconomic status [Lire la suite…]