Martine Hovanessian

Martine Hovanessian is a Director of research at CNRS (section 38 of the National Committee: Anthropology: Human unity and the diversity of cultures).

She is also responsible for teaching at INALCO, Ethnology-Anthropology, Armenian studies, Russia-Eurasia department.

She is a member of the editorial committee for the Journal des Anthropologues, the Revue du Monde arménien moderne et contemporain and the Cahiers de l’Urmis.

She works with the Sociology Department at Erevan State University (Armenia) managed by professor Harutyunyan Lyudmila. 2006 Eco-net program “Emigration, migratory traffic in the Caucasus and ethnic conflicts in a context of endless transition”.

Research fields

 Diasporas and collective identities: the constructions of the national imagination.

 Genocide and handing down: life stories and memories of exile. The functions of testimony.

Main publications

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