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Axis 3. Programme 1. Collective memory, patrimony and national and regional imagination

13 January 2009 andres 0

The studies conducted in this programme centre on different situations in which the past is reconstructed in order to respond to current objectives. They analyse how collective memory is invented and manipulated on a regional and national level in order to form new images of cities (Belgrade, Marseille), regions (the Caribbean) or countries (Cuba, Madagascar, Thailand, Mexico and Belize). These analyses delve into the processes of promoting material and symbolic [Lire la suite…]

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Axis 3. Programme 3. Memories and group membership across generations

11 January 2009 andres 0

The research led in this program also considers the reconstruction of the past for contemporary uses, yet on an individual or family level rather than on a regional or national level, clearly contrasting with the institutional and political production of collective memory studied in programme 1. Research in this programme focuses on the conveyance of the past across generations, whether through the recounting of personal experience, research on which also [Lire la suite…]