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Axis 1. Programme 1. Migratory networks and international migrations

13 January 2009 andres 0

The research incorporated in this programme aims to reveal the transformations in migratory patterns in light of the globalisation process. It centres less on the phenomenon of the mobility itself, which is thoroughly studied by geographers who focus on the spatial dimensions, pathways and networks of the migrations, but focuses rather on the social forms and processes that these movements generate. The research concentrates on new social bonds stemming from [Lire la suite…]

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Axis 1. Programme 2. Mobility, kinship and gender relations

12 January 2009 andres 0

This programme analyses the relations between the mobility of people and kinship relations, in both an anthropological and demographic framework. The demographic approach examines the changes brought about by migrations through the study of marriage or fertility rates, whereas the anthropological approach analyses the transformations of family relations. This double approach leads to exchanges and collaborations between researchers from both disciplines, enabling a more dynamic presentation of the transformations in [Lire la suite…]

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Axis 1. Programme 3. Forms of employment and relations between national and ethnic groups

11 January 2009 andres 0

This programme brings together researchers whose work relates to the following theme. In western societies, the relations between migrations and labour have evolved, leading to the development of research that takes into consideration the diversification of employment forms and the status and the professional relations involving the migrant worker. The effects of these changes on certain categories of the national working population, in particular those with immigrant family heritage, are [Lire la suite…]